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When purchasing a trained hunting retriever, do you know what you are paying for?

Some trained retrievers can sell for several thousand dollars, it's not a decision to be taken lightly. It's a big investment that can bring you a lifetime of big rewards.

Does the retriever you're looking at have a proven pedigree? Do you know the dogs OFA numbers or how to read them? What level of training does the retriever have and can he perform consistently at that level?

Hi, I’m Ted Robinson, Owner and Founder of Pin-Mark Retrievers. Let me put my many successful years of hunt test, hunting and field trial knowledge to work for you. Pin-Mark Retrievers can help you take the guess work out of buying your next trained retriever. We evaluate gun dogs based on field performance, proven pedigree's and physical wellness. You'll feel comfortable with your purchase from beginning to end.

At Pin-Mark Retrievers we specialize in locating trained retrievers and evaluating talent for our clients. You simply provide us with a description of your ideal retriever, including level of training and price range and we find the best possible retriever based on your search criteria. We pride ourselves in being very professional, understanding and cost conscious. We agree on a price up front, so no surprises in the end. Please review our references page to see what some our happy customers say about Pin-Mark Retrievers.

There is nothing like hunting with a well trained retriever, let us help you make each hunt as enjoyable as the last. There is a lot that goes into picking out a good hunting partner, we'll use our expertise and professional network to take the guess work out of finding your next trained retriever. You'll be the envy of all of your friends hunting with a hand selected, professionally evaluated gun dogs from Pin-Mark Retrievers.



Ted, hope all is well. I wanted to send you some pics of moss he's great to hunt with and as you can see my 3 year old son Sam jr thinks he's great. He tells all of his friends about his dog moss that gets the ducks for him moss will bring them back for him to hand. He also loves the beach which we go all the time my father and I logged over 300 birds this year so moss had at least that many retrieves he\'s at the point when you miss he\'s like come on guys he's great at home my daughter 5 months old loves him he sits she pets, moss follows my son around and they wander all over the yard Sincerely SAM

Chris Wright

Hi Ted, I just wanted to let you know what a great dog Grace has turned out to be. I could not have received a better dog if I tried. I have had a lot of dogs in my life but none has compared to Grace. She is the most loving and intelligent dog I have seen, I swear she understands English! She has really come on as far as Duck hunting goes. She seems to have a knack for finding the lost birds. My fellow club members have been impressed with how well she does and how well she follows commands. My hunting partners dog gets along great with Grace and they will lay side by side at the blind together which is usually not the case with most dogs. She has become an integral part of our family who everyone loves very much. I have included some pictures of Grace for you to enjoy. Thanks again Ted for putting us together. Sincerely Chris Wright

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